Dark Sorceress

Totally Top Shelf brings Dungeons and Dragons this month and ImmateriA is thrilled to participate with two outfits. For the magical folk is Tanith the Dark Sorceress; outfit includes the hooded cloak with a serpent collier. Five different colors to practice with; Obsidian, Topas, Gypsum, Mica and Carbunculus which all translates into black, blue, purple, green and red. It’s magically delicious!

Immateria Tanith Obsidian

Immateria Tanith Topas

Immateria Tanith Gypsum

Immateria Tanith Mica

Immateria Tanith Carbunculus

Tanith Darkly


Inspired by the movie LadyHawke, Isabeau pays homage to a Fantasy favorite. Outfit includes the gown, hood, sleeves and attachments (flexi feathers).

Immateria Isabeau

Isabeau Release

Lady Hawk


March 9th – March 30th



About naeniademina

Content Creator for ImmateriA, devilish delights for dark divas, demented dollies, demure debutantes, damned demons and delightful dorks. Dark Gothic themed clothing and skins for all genders, and other random strangeness.

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